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Repair Tips Northridge Appliance Repair

Some water types (Hard or soft) will cause soap challenges. If powder detergents are not dissolving use liquid detergent for dish washers and clothes washing machines.

  • Over-sudsing may overflow onto the floor making it appear that machine is leaking.

  • Too much soap can cause residue buildup that will gum up appliance parts.

  • Sand from water wells will cause premature part failures.

  • Mice and other rodents can cause costly repairs or even destroy your appliance. 

  • Birds & rodents will make nest in your vent pipes making you have to run multiple cycles to dry your clothes.

  • Temperatures that vary a lot can cause the appliance to work harder than usual causing premature failure.

  • Avoid washing items that may come apart like rugs. Strings and small items can ruin the pump of a washer. Use a mesh bag for small items.

  • Make sure you always transport a refrigerator or freezer in the upright position.

  • It is critical that power cords on electric stoves and dryers be connected correctly. There is 240 volts on most of these and it can be very dangerous to you or ruin your appliance if not installed correctly.

  • Remove articles from pockets before washing and drying.